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Note: All references to children are written in the masculine form but relate to both genders.

Welcome to the Making Sense Community. We invite you to explore a different side of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), a colorful and enjoyable addition to your child's life. Your support, love and affection are most important for your child's coping with SPD.

Our goal is to create innovative products that help the children deal with SPD yet are fun to use for all children at home, school and the community. Right from the idea stage we have worked closely with parents, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, physical therapists, behavior analysts and others who help kids with SPD and related conditions (ADHD, PDD, ADD etc). As a policy, we continuously seek to better understand SPD, and apply our knowledge and customers feedback in development of new products.

Our first collection allows everyday practice, providing your child with constant stimulation at home on top of the periodic clinical treatment. He can use the products anytime, anywhere: in the car on the way to school, during school breaks, and in the evening horsing around with friends at home, all this while feeling one of the gang. This is no coincidence: we apply universal design practices to our products, which means that they can be used by all children in a given age group. Simply put, we make cool products that look like games yet have a lasting positive effect on children with SPD

As a parent, you are often the first to recognize that your child's first symptoms. Telltale signs are anxiety while moving, discomfort when turning upside down, moodiness, hyperactivity or poor body awareness. He may throw himself to the ground or like crashing into things. Already cut the tags from your child's cloths? Your child wears sunglasses while in a store? None of the pants feel "right"? Your child wants you to hold him but doesn’t want you to touch them at the same time? We are here for you!

You may have noticed that a strong loving hug and caress calms him down and makes him better focused and coordinated. This is exactly what Making Sense products are designed to do. Though no substitute for a parent’s hug, they provide a deep pressure massage and a sense of security.

The Mishu is designed to help your child feel calm and keep in focus during activities such as learning, reading, homework, etc. The Binni Sofa provides all round hugging feeling and allows the child to bump into things freely and safely, improving his awareness of his body parts and the environment. The Littel Me is intended mainly for toddlers to feel a light hug and improve coordination, but can be used by all children as an enjoyable flexible doll.

Even if your child has been diagnosed with SPD and is undergoing treatment by medication and/or clinical therapy, home use of Making Sense products can only improve his condition – check with the physician and physiotherapist. Thousands of children are using our products, and we would be very glad to have you in our community.

Please contact us with any question you may have.

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