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If you are an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Psychologist, Physical Therapist, Behavior Analyst - we invite you to read the following testimonials...      


"For many years I have waited to find the right person to come along with sensitivity and wisdom to create toys/objects that are suitable for typical and non typical children who have "different" sensory needs. 
And now parents/teachers/therapists will all be able to purchase just what your child needs and that was not available till today! Good Luck" 

Dr. Michele Shapiro, Occupational therapist, Director Multi-sensory Environment (Snoezelen), Specialist, Sensory Environments, Beit Issie Shapiro, Raanana, Israel

Kids Enjoying Making Sense's products together

"I'd love to take a look at your products. Yes, as long as they can be used by younger children, they are absolutely relevant to my work. The less medical looking the better for young children."

Dana, Parent and Child Educator, New York


"I'd love to check out your products. I am constantly looking for new things to use! Thank you"

Talia, NICU Occupational Therapist, Pennsylvania


"Thank you! It is definitely relevant to the work that I do in EI. I absolutely love the look of your products and have always used deep pressure during treatment sessions in order to assist with regulation. How fun! I'm also always looking for product that doesn't look like its a medical needs product; there is so much stigma in the society due to ignorance."

Alicia, Pediatric Physical Therapist, Nevada


"These days, there are quite a lot of children and adults with various learning, developmental and sensory disorders, which they need to face and overcome on a daily basis and in different occasions and social groups.

Ever since first encountering Making Sense products: Binni Dwarf, Binni Sofa and Mishu, my patients are enjoying an extremely special sensational experience. These products prove to be highly efficient. With these products, the patient feels his body at the desired intensity, and thus is enabled to reach the right levels of sensory stimulations which allow him to peacefully gain other learning skills and capabilities. Beyond their therapy purpose, these products are just great fun and play for the children.

One of my patients is a young girl with developmental delay. At her recent visit I managed to make her want to put on the Binni Dwarf. It was incredible!!! Suddenly her back became straight, her walking was easy and light and her total balance and muscles' tonus increased dramatically. It was amazing! Her Mom recorded it all on video and surely there was great excitement.

Above all – the care, service and open heart & mind of Making Sense's team are worth appreciation. I bless her for the initiative and care for all those whose body waited for Making Sense products.

Good Luck!!!"

Cathia Erez, Neuro Developmental Functional Approach (NDFA)