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BINNI-Sofa™ - Sensory Beanbag Vest

$95.20 $119.00
Special 20% Introductory discount until April 30, 2018
  • Relaxing static hugging experience
  • Enhancing the sense of spatial orientation
  • Allows non-contact massage through the puff
  • The Binni wearer feels protected and free to move
  • Challenging and maximizing the active training of the sensory system
  • Essential for the child’s motoric and cognitive development
  • The zippered outer cover is easily removable for laundering, yet child-safe
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

Binni sofa is a soft wearable beanbag that can be used as a padded vest or place on floor for sitting. For children who are anxious about movement, while wearing the Binni they are neatly padded and any fall will be easier. If they have poor body awareness, being able to bump into things will give them a chance to learn about themselves in their environment. Bump into things without getting hurt. Binni has 2 arm openings and one head opening. Slip it on like a vest or turn it around like a padded belly. Binni is for home play and therapy clinic. Suitable for ages 3 and up. 

For quiet time, Binni is a cuddly place to sit. Snuggle into the sofa, curl up and relax.   

Removable, washable cover comes in two colors, Green or Orange. Two sewn openings for arms, one sewn opening for their head. Stuffing beads are safely contained in an inner bag. 

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